Friday, February 24, 2012

ODDS and ENDS:::::::::::::::::::::::STUDIO and SITES

 "Jar of Shellac with String" (Detail)   2012
72"h. x24"w. x24"d. variable
Mixed Media on Paper on studio floor

  "Studio Pet"(Detail)  2012
Epiphyte underview with Spaghnum moss container
36"h x 32" diam. Variable/Ongoing

 "Stick Painting"(Detail)  2012

"Deceased Yucca"  2011
 Santa Monica Mountains, CA

 "Gravity Ballon" (Detail)  2012
24"h.x 6"w.x 6"d. variable
Cement, wire, string, stick and fastener

"ID No. 12"  2011
Ballistic Missle Radar Site
Santa Monica Mountains, CA

"Well of Probability" (Detail)  2011
29"h x 45"w x 3"d Variable
Wasp nest, paper, sandpaper, string, sumi ink and acrylic on paper

"Colony" (Detail)   2011 
It's Beach, Santa Cruz, Ca.

Studio Works: December, 2011
"Return to the Source" in progress on the table.
"Plumbing the Depths"  left rear wall.
Black motion transfers on right rear wall for "The Bridge".
Artist with sack of beeswax pellets.

All photos are copyright and the property of the artist: Glenn Carter 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

GLENN CARTER:" A GUEST TO THE MYSTERY" Cabrillo Gallery Exhibit, Aptos, CA.

February, 6- March 9, 2012
Reception: Thursday February 16, 5:00-6:30 p.m.
Artist's Talk: Tuesday February 21, 7:00p.m. in the gallery

Gallery Entry Wall Panel and View NW

"What is the It ?"  2011
Mixed Media on canvas on door blank
32"h x 80"w x 2"d 

Detail: Sumi ink, acrylic, alkyd, steel wool,
paper and string on canvas on door blank

Gallery View North West
West wall "A Great Without"
North Wall  From left to right:
 "Ghost Tree", "The First Art", "Plumbing  the Depths"

"Ghost Tree" 2012
80"h x 32"w x2"d
Sumi ink, acrylic, conte crayon, steel wool,
paper and string on canvas on door blank

"The First Art"  2011
same as above

"Plumbing the Depths"  2011
same as above

"A Great Without "  2011
Mixed Media on tarp on panel
60"h x140"w x3"d

Gallery installation includes string and tubing
projections extending across wall and on to floor.

Detail: Sumi ink, acrylic, steel wool, string,
plastic tubing, paper and tarp on panel.

Detail: Gallery wall installation with string projections.
All photos courtesy and copyright RR Jones

Thursday, February 9, 2012

GLENN CARTER:" A GUEST TO THE MYSTERY" Cabrillo Gallery Exhibit, Aptos, CA.

February, 6-March 9, 2012
Reception: Thursday, February 16, 5:00-6:30p.m.
Artist Talk: Tuesday, February 21, 7:00p.m. in the gallery

Long time  Santa Cruz resident and artist, Glenn Carter,
has been actively pursuing his mixed media work for decades.
        His interest in process and materials is evident upon the first encounter.
 But what is more appealing to the eye is his highly imaginative
 and creative approach with these materials.
The subtlety of atmosphere achieved by his layering process transcends his
 use of hard industrial materials. This atmosphere combines beautifully with form
 and space creating an ambiguous, or mysterious, landscape reference.
His work can only be fully appreciated in person and with ample time to allow for the imagery to resonate.
Tobin Keller, Curator
Cabrillo Gallery
"Colonies of Incidence" 2012 
 Mixed media on canvas and adjacent surfaces
120"h.x120"w.x54"d. variable
Gallery View East
Detail: mixed material
 on gallery wall and floor
Detail:Branch, string, thread, wire, tape,
 acrylic, shellac and wax at gallery ceiling
Detail:String, wire, cheesecloth, paper,
scale,shellac and acrylic on canvas
Detail:String, wire, cheesecloth,paper, 
scale, shellac and acrylic on canvas
Gallery View S.E.
"Sipping Through the Same Lasting Straw" 2011
Mixed media on paper
36"h.x 140"w.x5"d. variable

Detail: Sumi ink,acrylic, paper, string, wire
 and plastic tubing on paper

All photos courtesy and copyright of RR Jones

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Introduction: Artist's Statement and Some Pieces

The work surfaces through a primal lens of elemental relationships between space and being, land and body, the seen and unseen forces within nature.

A wonder in the mystery of these relationships, forges the forms,imagery and atmosphere which frequently surface through their own suggestion or volition. A kind of esoteric alchemy rooted in the interest of natural and subnatural occurrences, essences of life and death cycles, colonies of incidence.

I employ restrained combined uses of various mixed mediums, solid and liquid, on a variety of grounds, in an attempt to evoke a visceral response to one's own experience of nature and consciousness.

"Return to the Source"  2012 
  Mixed media on panel and adjacent surfaces.
126"h.x112"w.x28"d. variable.

Detail: Wood ash & string on floor

Detail: Sumi ink, paper, canvas. mold,
 wax and acrylic on panel at floor.

Detail: Cheesecloth, string,
 paper, wax, rust, mold, sumi and acrylic
 and tarp on panel at intersection.

Detail: String,stick, thread, wire, ash, mold,
 sumi, acrylic and tarp on panel and ceiling.

"Deep is the Well" 2012
 Mixed media on canvas and floor.

Detail: Oil, acrylic, string, thread,
plastic tubing, paper, cheesecloth
 and tarp on canvas.

Detail: Oil, acrylic, string, stick,
stone vessel, and water at floor and wall.

"Topo Series" Steel Wool Studies   2010
 Steel wool on paper.
57.5"h.x39.5"w. overall  23.75"h.x7"w. each.


All photos courtesy and copyright RR Jones

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inside: "Glenn Carter: A Guest to the Mystery" Cabrillo Gallery Exhibit. Aptos, CA.

 February, 6 - March 9, 2012 
 Reception: Thursday, February 16, 5:00-6:30
Artist Talk: February 21, 7:00 p.m. in the gallery

Gallery Entry Title Wall
Steel Wool Studies 2010

Gallery View N.E.
Gallery Entry
Gallery View N.W.
"Return to the Source"
Mixed Media 2012
Gallery View S.E.
Gallery View South
""Deep is the Well"
Mixed Media with Stone Vessel

 Above photos courtesy and copyright  RR Jones. Lower photo courtesy and copyright Jim MacKenzie