Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The opening of the gallery is an opportunity to participate in the viewing and purchase of  original one of kind works of art for the discriminating collector and appreciator. The works are all painting, drawing and collage with no photographic or printmaking processes involved.
These works evoke feeling and emotion not typical in the mediocre stasis of todays 's art market of glitz and hype. Based on land and figurative impressionism an ever evolving engagement in the active viewing of these works allows the viewer to bring their own narrative to each piece and explore ever more intimately the realms of a deep art viewing experience.

Divination,  2012  5"x7"
Oil, acrylic, charcoal, graphite, conte and thread on paper

Deep in the Woods,  2011 36"x24"
Shellac, oil, acrylic, steel wool, fabric, paper and thread on paper

Umber No. 56: Transparence,  1994-2012  42"x36"
Oil and thread on paper

As Night Falls So Mourning Begins,  2012  40"x40"x1.5"
Graphite, oil, sumi ink, acrylic, fabric, paper and string on canvas

Ephemerals,  1996-2010  48"x68"x2"
Oil, acrylic, tarp and paper on canvas and panels

Love's Near, 1996-2010 48"x95"x2"
Oil, acrylic, sumi ink, oil skins, tarp, paper and wood on canvas and panel

Emergence, 1996-2010  98"x48"x2"
Oil, acrylic, tarp, oil skin, varnish, material and wood box on panels

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